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Our Team

Ambient Sensors is a professional services company organized to make an impact in the world by developing creative solutions for our clients, combining “things that matter.”  We have a deep understanding of sensors, circuit design, low-power wireless networks, software development, integrated mobile applications and cloud computing.  This enables us to create innovative and scalable solutions, including solutions for the Internet of Things. Ambient Sensors’ professional engineering services help your organization make a difference.

Built for Success

Success in the marketplace has a lot to do with timing.  Ideally, just the right mix of team member experiences converge with a massive market opportunity.  Ambient Sensors is fortunate to have the right team, in the right place, at the right time. Our collective experience and complementary skills have converged at the outset of what looks like a new industrial revolution.  

Robert Davidson, PhD

Robert is the founder and CEO of Ambient Sensors.  His diverse background combined with the emergence of the Internet of Things economy helped make Ambient Sensors a success. He worked at HP Labs from 1979 to 2003, achieving the level of senior scientist. In 1980, he received his M.A in physics from Johns Hopkins University and in 1996 received his PhD from Carnegie Mellon. After HP he struck out on his own to found Savicon, a company focused on IP surveillance solutions. After selling that company, he spent two years at Boise State University teaching mathematics and physics. Robert founded Ambient Sensors at a unique time when the Internet of Things ecosystem was beginning to take shape.  His early involvement in the world of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) led him to co-author a book for O’Reilly Media, Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy.  Robert holds several patents for his innovative work. His vision and reputation have enabled him to assemble a highly skilled team and deliver breakthrough solutions. 

Sandra Capri

As Chief Technology Officer, Sandra leads the consulting process for technology choices as well as optimizing intra-device and machine-to-machine communication. From early in the PC revolution, Sandra has played key roles in firmware development, ASIC design, and embedded Linux software development with Hewlett Packard and Marvell Semiconductor.  Her work at HP and Marvell has resulted in multiple patents. Sandra holds a Bachelor of Science from the College of Idaho and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.  Sandra and her Golden Retriever ‘Chase’ are actively involved in pet therapy.  She also enjoys astronomy and SCUBA diving

Barry Kurtz

As Chief Solutions Architect for Ambient Sensors, Barry directs company solution strategies, architectures, plans, and processes to deliver on successful customer engagements from concept through deployment.  Barry has over 35 years of broad and deep experience in software architecture and development, directing and designing a wide spectrum of solutions ranging from successful consumer productized embedded systems through scalable cloud-based web solutions. Barry recently joined Ambient Sensors from Marvell Semiconductor where he served as Engineering Manager and Lead Architect for the development of Linux Software Development Kits supporting Marvell SoCs for embedded systems.  Prior to Marvell, Barry was a Master Architect and CTO for Hewlett-Packard’s Imaging and Printing Services division, where directed design of cloud-based printing services and automated LaserJet toner-replenishment systems.  As an Engineer/Scientist, Barry led LaserJet firmware strategy for HP and architected / developed the PCL 6 page description language, driving millions of Hewlett-Packard printers across the world. Barry is a published author in Computer Science and holds several patents. He earned a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University. Barry enjoys camping with his family in the Idaho outdoors. 

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