Golioth to Showcase BLE Mesh Demo at Embedded World 2024

Our IoT partner, Golioth, will return to Embedded World in 2024 (EW24) and showcase the BLE Mesh Demo we’ve been working on using the golioth.io system. This demo shows Golioth controlling an LTE/BLE bridge (Nordic SemiconductorsThingy91) that communicates to a BLE Mesh composed of a series of lights that are running the BLE Mesh SIG Light Lightness Controller (the LC Server) model. Eight instances of the BBC micro:bit represent lights in this demo. The boards run BLE Mesh firmware on Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52833, which could easily be controlling an LED driver instead of the demo LEDs.

BT Mesh demo from Golioth partner Ambient Sensors at the Zephyr booth (4-170)


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