Bluetooth®️ EMDR Tabs

Ambient Sensors and Dharma Dr. have been working in close partnership to develop EMDR Tabs – bilateral stimulation devices to help people with various forms of anxiety.  Please see Dharma Dr’s website for information on EMDR and anxiety.  

We are pleased to report that Tabs are currently shipping!

Each Tab contains a Nordic nRF52840 chip, which allows the Tabs to communicate with each other using Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE).  Dharma Dr. wrote the mobile app, and Ambient Sensors designed the boards and wrote the firmware that controls the Tabs.

  1. The connection between the Tabs is BLE central/peripheral communication encrypted with LE Secure connections.
  2. The connection to the mobile app is BLE central (mobile app) communication to peripheral (one of the tabs) encrypted with LE Secure connections.

We recently received a shipment of Tabs from Dharma Dr.  We wanted to share the excitement with our followers with an unboxing!  Please watch the unboxing below….

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