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About us

Ambient Sensors was founded in 2010 by Robert Davidson as a way to provide people with design and engineering solutions to their products. What started as a small, home based business owned and operated by one man has slowly grown into the strong versatile company with an excellent team of engineers and programmers. Each year has brought new growth, development, and exciting opportunities. Ambient Sensors believes in cultivating expertise in cutting edge technology and pairing it with decades of experience in the technology and business fields. This convergence of foundational experience and a strong grasp of the latest technology creates a dynamic and innovative work environment that produces the exceptional results our clients want and need.

Robert Davidson, PhD

Robert’s diverse background is what helped him make Ambient Sensors a success. He worked at HP Labs from 1979 to 2003. In 1980, he received his M.A in physics from Johns Hopkins University and in 1996 received his PhD from Carnegie Mellon. After HP he struck out on his own to found Savicon, a company focused on IP surveillance solutions. After selling that company, he spent two years at Boise State University where he taught mathematics and physics. Robert’s early involvement in the world of BLE led him to co-author a book for O’Reilly Media, Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy.